HR Compliance – What HR Managers should plan about?


What is a compliance workflow?

Compliance workflow is a set of tasks that an organization has to execute to make sure, its own processes are complying with the requirements laid by its customer and regulatory bodies such and Federal/State/County Governments.  It also deals with making sure that its vendors and suppliers are complying with the norms laid by the corporate governance.

Any workflow is based on dependencies. Someone needs to set tasks and assign responsibilities. Then, that person needs to ensure that tasks are completed on time.

In compliance, the compliance officer should be setting the tasks and monitoring their completion. Maintaining visibility into the compliance program requires communication across the organization.

However, a traditional compliance workflow often becomes burdensome as the organization scale. Emails and calendar notifications become lost in the day-to-day clutter of business operations and meetings. This outdated process can lead to missed deadlines which overwhelm the compliance officer.

 Why automate the compliance workflow?

With automation, you can use technology to streamline business processes. Rather than having to update your tasks manually, you can use software that automatically renews and tracks the items that need to get done.

For example, if you need to meet the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requirements, you need to review patch management processes. Often, this requires the HR department to submit documentation. However, if the HR department loses the document request in the stream of emails, the compliance officer is the one who needs to follow up. That follow up process means sending reminder emails and nagging the responsible party. Automation allows for a “set and forget” approach to task management and follow up which saves time and better controls the process.

Why does streamlining the compliance process matter?

Compliance managers need to balance a variety of regulatory and industry-standard requirements. Depending on the industry, they may need to maintain compliance with cybersecurity as well as human resources, document retention, and internal operations requirements. All of this becomes more complicated as regulatory and industry standards evolve requiring more time and more documentation.

Thus, juggling all those balls at once can lead to the compliance manager dropping one. A dropped ball can lead to a compliance violation. A compliance violation can lead to fines and penalties. Thus, ensuring effective controls and compliance with them becomes not just a financial, but also a personal, risk.

Streamlining the process with workflow automation makes documenting the process easier. Ultimately, any area that requires compliance also requires an audit. Audits rely on documenting policies, processes, and procedures. With workflow automation, the necessary documentation resides in a single location to enable audits.

What Compliance issue the US HR Managers must be aware of?

1. Wage and Hour Laws

The Fair Labor Standards Acts (FLSA) lays down strict guidelines regarding wage and hour laws in the US. It has policies in place that govern the minimum requirements for hours worked, minimum wage, overtime, recess and meal timings, and child labor. Different states have adopted different minimum hourly rates. It falls under the purview of the HR Manager to ensure that the company is following the laws in accordance with the region of operation.

2. Anti-discrimination Laws

It is illegal to discriminate in the workplace based on factors such as age, color, race, sex, disability, or ethnicity. Additionally, discrimination based on veteran status or genetic information is also disallowed. There are strict laws in place to keep a check on any kind of workplace discrimination.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits prejudices on the basis of color, race, sex, or ethnicity. Any kind of sexual harassment also falls under the same title.

There are other acts including The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and ADEA (The Age Discrimination in Employment Act) that prohibit employers from discriminating based on disabilities and ages of the employees respectively. The Equal Pay Act (EPA) prohibits sex-based wage discrimination between male and female workers. Additionally, there is the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 that makes sure no discrimination happens on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions.

These laws make it important for the HR teams to let go of any assumptions based on the age of the employees and to judge them solely on the basis of their performances.

3. Immigration Laws

Workplace diversity is a major area for HR leaders to concentrate on. Immigrant workers form an integral part of a diverse ecosystem. It is the responsibility of the HR department to make sure that rules laid down by the government are followed while hiring immigrants and overseas professionals. There are numerous laws in place for organizations to take note.

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA), the Immigration Act of 1990 and the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRIRA) are some of the notable acts that govern the employment of immigrants in the USA. HR leaders are required to check for and follow guidelines while recruiting professionals, keeping in mind they don’t introduce any form of discrimination.

4. Safety Laws

It is important to provide employees with necessary safety instructions and kits as per the nature of the work they are expected to perform. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) governs workplace safety norms in the US and has come up with the OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety) Act in order to make sure employees work under protected conditions. It falls under the umbrella of the HR department to ensure that the safety laws are adhered to.

5. Family and Medical Leave Laws

The FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) has been created to help workers maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives. All public agencies in the US, all elementary and secondary schools (both public and private), and business establishments having 50 or more staff members fall under the scope of FMLA. As per FMLA, employers need to provide eligible employees with up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave annually.

FMLA also requires all employers to maintain the group health benefits of the employees while they are on leave. Additionally, it strives for equal employment opportunities for men and women. Any employee can avail FMLA due to the following reasons:

  • To take rest and treatment during serious health conditions.
  • To take care of an immediate family member with serious health conditions.
  • For the birth and care of a newborn child.
  •  For placement with the employee of a child for adoption or foster care.

Why do you need ShareCredentials CAAS?

Most HR functions begin with OnBoarding.  This is where data, documents for the HR and Payroll system originates, and flows to the enterprise systems. It is important to catch compliance at the source.  This is the underlying philosophy of ShareCredentials.  ShareCredentials manages the entire lifecycle of HR, which is comprised of Pre-boarding, On-Boarding, and Off-Boarding.  ShareCredentials Compliance cloud feeds from its HR Cloud and provides seamless integration of the two processes.

To learn more please email or call us at (408) 842-1000.

8 Reasons why you should use ShareCredentials for your HR OnBoarding


The concept of onboarding is one used in the context of business and human resources and refers to the process of orienting new employees in a manner that aids in overall retention. It goes beyond what we’ve come to know as new employee orientation. This process focuses on helping employees become acclimated to their new workplace in a timely fashion and bringing them on board with regard to company culture, understanding of job function, and overall comfort level. Read on to learn more about how companies are making new hire training and orientation processes more comprehensive and what best practices are being implemented across industry.

Here are the top 8 reasons why you should take a look at ShareCredentials before making your decision to buy a HR-OnBoarding solution.

#1 Fully Compliant.

From using the most current tax and work authorization forms to meeting federal guidelines for e-signature and storage requirements, ShareCredentials onboarding software help shield you from fines and penalties by making your hiring process more compliant. This includes being simple to audit in case of an inspection.  compliant

#2  Easy to setup.

 worried head  

Sharecredentials onboarding solution is easy to implement, and it has been architect for easy rollout to organizations of any size. After the employer integrates the on-boarding solution with other systems and adds custom forms, the employer doesn’t have to jump through any hoops to get started using the system.


#3 Truly Customizable.

ShareCredentials onboarding application does more than just present generic forms with fillable fields. It allows you to add company specific documents and create custom workflows based on job types and grades to enable best practices throughout the hiring process.

  • Customize checklists based on job types, grades, and job roles
  • Customize data collection forms based on job types, grades and job roles
  • Customize workflow by adding step by step confirmation, agreements, and disclosures.

#4 Seamless applications.

The ShareCredentials platform is designed on a highly scalable document management system (DMS/EDM).  Every document collected as per a check list, can be auto configured to have specified retention days, passing which, the document automatically disappears from the view.  Besides a high functioning document management system, ShareCredentials provides following applications making sure our users do not hop through other platforms.

  • Application tracking system to post your jobs, collect application and review past candidates.
  • Customizable job portal
  • Complete Candidate portal.
  • Complete supplier portal to enroll staffing agencies, vendors, and 3rd party verifiers for background check, drug and criminal checks.
  • Complete Document Mail Merge system, to design customized, Thank you letters, welcome letters, Regret letters and award certificates

#5 Designed for Integration.

ShareCrendentials is a best of breed solution that provides many internal tools for integration, as well as open APIs to connect with any CRM, ERP system, HR/Payroll Saas providers and other platforms. Inquire us about about SalesForce integration.



#6  Multi-format capable.

redaction, document security  ShareCredentials is multi format capable. For example, the employer may need to scan images of documents for the I-9 form. The employer will then upload and attach them in .jpg format. ShareCredentials makes these interoperability easy along with providing many other image transformation tool such as document conversion, document redaction, document production and document annotations.


#7 Straightforward to Use

Finally, ShareCredentials platform is straightforward to use. It will walk your employees through each step. In addition, it will enforce rules that prevent common errors and omissions. The idea is to get workers on boarded quickly, orient them through online videos, employer handbook, and making all other resources available to them that will make them successful in their jobs.  document collection


#8 Billed in a Sensible Way


Sharecredentials believes in complete transparency. We bill for what we provide. No shortcuts, no surprises whatsoever.


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New Economy Old Ways

Convert Your Office Job To A Work-From-Home Arrangement

New Economy Old ways

When I emigrated from India 25 years back, I felt as if I had a version upgrade.  From rusty, crowded infrastructure to a new shiny spacious infrastructure.  The next 5 years saw the dot com boom and all of a sudden I found myself in a new version altogether.  I booked my own travel tickets, checked in online, I can check my air miles and even started earning credits for the coffee I had.   This is the time I saw Border books – my favorite hangout place closing down; Circuit city, Blockbuster shut down and many other brick and mortar businesses disappear. Next 5 years I saw another version upgrade that brought Mobility into the picture and everything was a touch n go affair.  Netflix, Amazon, Google is at the prime of their business and technology started ruling the human mind as Gmail started completing my emails.  Yes, AI was sneaking while we debate its pros and cons.

Today, when I sit here in solitary confinement of my home, and I heard the news that the Himalayas range of mountains north of India is visible from Punjab, I went back to my backyard and to check if the Bay look any different. My wish was granted, the view was crystal clear and beautiful, which looked indeed different.   A series of what-ifs made me wonder why the hell we have so many cars on the road, why that everyone has to come to a big city and what in the world we humans are doing – destroying this planet. Problem-solving is my habit, whether it is a bug in the program or a bug in lives, I try to get to the bottom of it. As I put my thinking cap,  I did find something spectacular which makes me believe that the problems that we face today related to traffic, high cost of living is primarily because of the system of check and balance failing. Our economic system is overriding the market forces to give our businesses an edge to keep continuing to use old the traditional method for the production of goods and services whereas forcing citizens to consume and subscribe to the new economic model.   It is not fair and It is creating an unsustainable situation.

Google invented Hangout for its subscribers, do they use Hangout to work remotely?

Facebook wants everyone to connect and build a better world, but then why did they build such a huge campus doubling the traffic on Dumbarton Bridge?

Amazon can build a cloud for everyone, what stops them from making their employees work from home.

Capital One has doubled its business in 10 years using technology, but what stopped them from building a virtual team around the world?

Cisco owns Webex, but has it helped its employees go remote?

Working from home is often thought of as a convenience to the employees.  It is treated as a perk whereas it should part of the economic model of a company.  Apple, instead of building a spaceship campus should be investing in ways where its people can work from remote satellite offices.  I often hear how innovative companies need to work together, but these company often give their blueprint in its entirety to companies in a foreign land to build the POC and manufacture them later.

By the way, one might think I am picking on tech companies.  But no, as of today most of the jobs created in America require the job to be delivered electronically over the internet and the quality of the job delivered is no different if it would have been delivered at the office campus.  COVID-19 definitely has proven the case.  The technology of video conferencing is mature, internet infrastructure is robust than ever and there are tools and technology in place to measure productivity.

worklifeWorking from home or a satellite office should be the new norm.  It should be enforced and should be incentivized.  The control that the employer looked for in the older economy is no longer useful in the contemporary days.  Work has changed so has the work habits.  Benchmark of productivity has changed so are the tools to measure productivity. At this point, it is the pure ego of not letting it go that is making companies confine their employees in the cubes. It is not only returning diminished returns to employers, it is also stopping tech companies to invest in innovation that would create a more secured work-from-home platform of the future.

This will open new areas of the business as families will spend more together, retailers will see more walk-ins in the evening.  Reliance on fossil fuel will go down, roads will be drivable and have room for our Ambulance to speed up and health care workers can attend to their sick faster.   People can work on their hobbies and craft and will be able to sell them as their 2nd job.  Most importantly, families will start cooking and a healthy meal is the best thing for a child’s growth.  Most importantly, with COVID in mind, it will create social distancing too.

The new economy should pave new ways.


ShareCredentials and BlockChain


Blockchain and Sharecredentials


The Document Exchange Network from ShareCredentials now harnesses the power of Blockchain which would revolutionize the way we look at a document exchange and signature.

Incredible as it sounds in this digital age, for many industries print and postage is still the only way to get legally critical documents moved around.  Besides, the ease with which digital communications can be edited means that in many industries, original print copies are still required by post for security reasons.

Print and reprinting not only makes us irresponsible towards the environment but every non-shredded paper poses a tremendous security threat for any organization when a smartphone can take crystal clear pictures very fast.

ShareCredentials have perfected the way digital documents can be exchanged, signed and delivered with 100% accuracy and security. Its platform provides completely secure and verifiable digital document exchange on the basis of the latest ITU standards combined with Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Blockchain is a shared digital ledger, which ensures that every transaction is publicly logged and verified and non-alterable.

ShareCredentials harness this very power of Blockchain to provide complete verifiability of every final document produced on its platform.


Benefits of verifying documents through blockchain

Using Blockchain to verify documents promises the following benefits:

Traceability – every change on the document is logged and can be traced

Security – information is protected against manipulation

Efficiency – use of secure digital documents saves time for every business involved.

The blockchain never includes the document itself. It merely provides hash values, or checksums, generated against the document that proves it has not been tampered with.




Transmission begins as soon as the receiving system confirms it is capable of receiving the document. Groupware is used to show all relevant information when a document was transmitted ShareCredentials. Notification logs confirmation of successful delivery and then retains a log of the document to ensure it has not changed.

From a legal point of view, Sharecredentials offers unambiguous proof that documents have been sent and received and not tampered with.

This technology also simplifies the archiving process for Birth Record, Death Records, Property deeds and Educational testimonials that require verifiability time and again during the lifetime of the holder of the document or its natural inheritors.


ShareCredentials uses Ethereum as its primary infrastructure for Blockchain, combined with state of the art imaging, vision, OCR, and transformation, and Hashing technologies.

ShareCredentials is Blockchain ready and for more information, you reach us at


Document Collection As A Service(DCAS)

Document Collection As A Service

Harness the Power of Cloud-based Document Exchange Network

Many technologies, not just document collection, can create a burden on the organization that implements them. Typically, this is because the system is overly complicated or requires massive system resources. However, it does not have to be this way.

With the advances in cloud computing, BlockChain, and Computer Vision, document collection over a Document Exchange Network such as “ShareCredentials” can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. Let’s understand how modern technology is changing the Document Collection process and provides a single seamless window to exchange Documents.

Document Exchange Network (DEN)

Document Exchange Network (DEN) is a trust-based, ownership-driven system where the document is owned by the person which it belongs to.   It is only shared among the member of the network, as and when a document is requested from the verifying party.   The party requesting the document knows how long he /she would need the document, and the party submitting the document knows what is being shared, how long it will be used, and why it is shared. When the retention days are reached, the document disappears from the requestor’s visibility.  The integrated nature of document sharing makes DEN a revolutionary new way of managing external documents. It takes care of document collection, retention, storage, and shredding.  dcas

Document Request Check List


Document collection is based on  Checklists maintained by the Requesting Authority.  Checklists are nothing but a list of documents a Requesting Authority requires for managing/approving a particular Case.  CheckLists can be revised to create newer versions and it can be archived to keep track of past collections. Check List also specifies retention days that act as the date on which documents will disappear from the reviewer’s visibility.


Credential Management

Credential Management is a key feature of Document Exchange Network. It can be the necessary ingredient or the byproduct of the system at the same.  Credentials are personal documents that Citizens and Corporate citizens accumulate living their lives or running their businesses. Documents are classified and stored in an encrypted format.  Documents can be redacted to hide sensitive information and can be notarized, certified by a friend to make it trustworthy.  credentialsmanagement

Document Collection

 document collection Document collection is initiated by the requestor who sends the checklist for which document needs to be collected.  A notification is sent to the recipient who receives the notification and opens the checklist.   The system then allows the recipient to match the checklist with the recipient of the document has, in absence of which a more relevant document can be uploaded and matched.  Once all checklist element is matched with the documents in the system, a notification is sent to the requestor who reviews the uploaded document and approves it validity.  Invalid documents can be marked and the user can match the document again.




BlockChain is an open database that can record transactions between two parties without the need for a central coordinating authority.  Transactions are validated using ‘consensus’ mechanisms and recorded in ‘blocks’ of data which are replicated across the network. Once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks.

The Document Exchange Network leverages key attributes of BlockChain, such as Immutability, Consensus, and Encryption to provide a stable, reliable platform for document authentication and verification.





ShareCredentials is World’s first Document Exchange Network that makes Document Collection Easy, Reliable, and Verifiable in a safe and secured Eco-System where benefits are reaped by both requester and requestee.



ShareCredentials for


ShareCredentials for Salesforce has transformed the enterprise software market with cloud computing. Now they are leading the shift to the Social Enterprise. Social enterprises leverage social, mobile, and open cloud technologies to put customers at the heart of their business.

ShareCredentials  for Salesforce is the most comprehensive Document Management software available on clod.  The Document Exchange Network from ShareCredentials provide Salesforce users a single window to Save, Share and Sign Document in a secured and certified eco-system.


With ShareCredentials for Salesforce you can;


ACCELERATE – Complete and sign documents in minutes – Surprise your customer with prefilled documents and stored signatures.

REDUCED OPERATING COSTS – Reduce employee time spent collecting and tracking documents and eliminate costs of paper, ink, printing, faxing, mailing, storing and shredding

ACCURATE & SECURE TRANSACTIONS – Automate workflows and automatically update existing systems. Safe, secure and legally binding with a complete audit trail and 99.99% system uptime.

ENGAGE YOUR PARTNERS – Provide your partners the convenience of signing. Submitting documents and exchanging information, anywhere, anytime, on any device, or in-person.

Get started today!


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Don’t ever, and we mean ever, go paperless


Don’t ever, and we mean ever, go paperless

If you ever thought of joining the trend and going paperless in your office, think again. There is nothing wrong with that antique metal cabinet where you keep all your files. It’s true, you have a metal cabinet in every office in your building and some colleagues have three or more of them. It’s ok to lose a document now and then – just a good opportunity to remind yourself we are all flawed human beings. Plus, aunt Gemina approves of the décor, she claims it’s vintage.

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