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Document Collection As A Service(DCAS)

Document Collection As A Service

Harness the Power of Cloud-based Document Exchange Network

Many technologies, not just document collection, can create a burden on the organization that implements them. Typically, this is because the system is overly complicated or requires massive system resources. However, it does not have to be this way.

With the advances in cloud computing, BlockChain, and Computer Vision, document collection over a Document Exchange Network such as “ShareCredentials” can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. Let’s understand how modern technology is changing the Document Collection process and provides a single seamless window to exchange Documents.

Document Exchange Network (DEN)

Document Exchange Network (DEN) is a trust-based, ownership-driven system where the document is owned by the person which it belongs to.   It is only shared among the member of the network, as and when a document is requested from the verifying party.   The party requesting the document knows how long he /she would need the document, and the party submitting the document knows what is being shared, how long it will be used, and why it is shared. When the retention days are reached, the document disappears from the requestor’s visibility.  The integrated nature of document sharing makes DEN a revolutionary new way of managing external documents. It takes care of document collection, retention, storage, and shredding.  dcas

Document Request Check List


Document collection is based on  Checklists maintained by the Requesting Authority.  Checklists are nothing but a list of documents a Requesting Authority requires for managing/approving a particular Case.  CheckLists can be revised to create newer versions and it can be archived to keep track of past collections. Check List also specifies retention days that act as the date on which documents will disappear from the reviewer’s visibility.


Credential Management

Credential Management is a key feature of Document Exchange Network. It can be the necessary ingredient or the byproduct of the system at the same.  Credentials are personal documents that Citizens and Corporate citizens accumulate living their lives or running their businesses. Documents are classified and stored in an encrypted format.  Documents can be redacted to hide sensitive information and can be notarized, certified by a friend to make it trustworthy.  credentialsmanagement

Document Collection

 document collection Document collection is initiated by the requestor who sends the checklist for which document needs to be collected.  A notification is sent to the recipient who receives the notification and opens the checklist.   The system then allows the recipient to match the checklist with the recipient of the document has, in absence of which a more relevant document can be uploaded and matched.  Once all checklist element is matched with the documents in the system, a notification is sent to the requestor who reviews the uploaded document and approves it validity.  Invalid documents can be marked and the user can match the document again.




BlockChain is an open database that can record transactions between two parties without the need for a central coordinating authority.  Transactions are validated using ‘consensus’ mechanisms and recorded in ‘blocks’ of data which are replicated across the network. Once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks.

The Document Exchange Network leverages key attributes of BlockChain, such as Immutability, Consensus, and Encryption to provide a stable, reliable platform for document authentication and verification.





ShareCredentials is World’s first Document Exchange Network that makes Document Collection Easy, Reliable, and Verifiable in a safe and secured Eco-System where benefits are reaped by both requester and requestee.