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8 Reasons why you should use ShareCredentials for your HR OnBoarding


The concept of onboarding is one used in the context of business and human resources and refers to the process of orienting new employees in a manner that aids in overall retention. It goes beyond what we’ve come to know as new employee orientation. This process focuses on helping employees become acclimated to their new workplace in a timely fashion and bringing them on board with regard to company culture, understanding of job function, and overall comfort level. Read on to learn more about how companies are making new hire training and orientation processes more comprehensive and what best practices are being implemented across industry.

Here are the top 8 reasons why you should take a look at ShareCredentials before making your decision to buy a HR-OnBoarding solution.

#1 Fully Compliant.

From using the most current tax and work authorization forms to meeting federal guidelines for e-signature and storage requirements, ShareCredentials onboarding software help shield you from fines and penalties by making your hiring process more compliant. This includes being simple to audit in case of an inspection.  compliant

#2  Easy to setup.

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Sharecredentials onboarding solution is easy to implement, and it has been architect for easy rollout to organizations of any size. After the employer integrates the on-boarding solution with other systems and adds custom forms, the employer doesn’t have to jump through any hoops to get started using the system.


#3 Truly Customizable.

ShareCredentials onboarding application does more than just present generic forms with fillable fields. It allows you to add company specific documents and create custom workflows based on job types and grades to enable best practices throughout the hiring process.

  • Customize checklists based on job types, grades, and job roles
  • Customize data collection forms based on job types, grades and job roles
  • Customize workflow by adding step by step confirmation, agreements, and disclosures.

#4 Seamless applications.

The ShareCredentials platform is designed on a highly scalable document management system (DMS/EDM).  Every document collected as per a check list, can be auto configured to have specified retention days, passing which, the document automatically disappears from the view.  Besides a high functioning document management system, ShareCredentials provides following applications making sure our users do not hop through other platforms.

  • Application tracking system to post your jobs, collect application and review past candidates.
  • Customizable job portal
  • Complete Candidate portal.
  • Complete supplier portal to enroll staffing agencies, vendors, and 3rd party verifiers for background check, drug and criminal checks.
  • Complete Document Mail Merge system, to design customized, Thank you letters, welcome letters, Regret letters and award certificates

#5 Designed for Integration.

ShareCrendentials is a best of breed solution that provides many internal tools for integration, as well as open APIs to connect with any CRM, ERP system, HR/Payroll Saas providers and other platforms. Inquire us about about SalesForce integration.



#6  Multi-format capable.

redaction, document security  ShareCredentials is multi format capable. For example, the employer may need to scan images of documents for the I-9 form. The employer will then upload and attach them in .jpg format. ShareCredentials makes these interoperability easy along with providing many other image transformation tool such as document conversion, document redaction, document production and document annotations.


#7 Straightforward to Use

Finally, ShareCredentials platform is straightforward to use. It will walk your employees through each step. In addition, it will enforce rules that prevent common errors and omissions. The idea is to get workers on boarded quickly, orient them through online videos, employer handbook, and making all other resources available to them that will make them successful in their jobs.  document collection


#8 Billed in a Sensible Way


Sharecredentials believes in complete transparency. We bill for what we provide. No shortcuts, no surprises whatsoever.


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