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ShareCredentials Citizens Service offers a great service for individuals of virtually all ages. Collecting, maintaining, and sharing life credentials starts as soon as a person is born! The first and probably the most frequently shared credential throughout life is the birth certificate.Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines credential as follows:
: a quality, skill, or experience that makes a person suited to do a job
: a document which shows that a person is qualified to do a particular job

Full Definition of CREDENTIAL
1: something that gives a title to credit or confidence;
2 plural : testimonials or certified documents showing that a person is entitled to credit or has a right to exercise official power
3: certificate, diploma”

Everyone collects credentials throughout their life.As a student, you will want to include academic diplomas, academic degrees, awards, grants, commendations, and perhaps publications and papers.After graduation, you’ll want to add certifications, identification documents, and relevant licenses. All the documents that enhance your resume and make you a more desirable employee!As an employee, you’ll want to add security clearances, publications such as scientific papers or books, and so on.

As your career grows and you go through life’s transitions, marriage, children, home ownership, automobile purchases, etc., you’ll need to add the documents required for the next steps. Documents that you’ll be asked for will include tax returns, credit reports, marriage license, powers of attorney, evidence of military service and discharge, proof of ownership, deeds, titles, and other proofs of purchase.

It’s important to start collecting and organizing all potentially important documents that you may need to share with a school, college, government agency, bank, lender, or potential employer.

ShareCredentials Citizen Service offers a powerful tool to collect all of the documents and credentials you may ever need to share in a convenient, organized, easily retrievable location. The earlier you start, the more complete your collection of credentials will be! Start right now by joining ShareCredentials!It’s easy to do!

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Upload a picture ,Create your wall ,Upload your credentials and information needed apply for licenses, certifications, etc.
Use the Redaction Tool to ensure sensitive personal information is not published and remains confidential.
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