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ShareCredentials Master Data Management provides a safe, convenient way to verify the credentials of your strategic partners and even prospective employees.Every business operates with strategic partners. Those partners may be customers buying goods and services. They may be suppliers selling you raw materials or supplies. They may be other businesses that joint venture with your business on a project to combine the strengths of each partner to perform larger or more complex projects. In short, Master Data Management verification of credentialed partners is the key to successful execution.Every scenario above requires that documents be exchanged and shared, verification of credentials, and execution of agreements. ShareCredentials Business Service offers a time saving, efficient way to save, share, exchange, and sign documents between your business and its strategic partners.ShareCredentials Master Data Management is also a great way to verify the credentials of portential employees. Ask your applicants to sign up for ShareCredentials’ Citizen Service, upload their credentials for quick verification.
If your business is just starting out, ShareCredentials is a great way to make new contacts and quickly expand!
It’s easy to do!
Go to sharecredentials.comClick on the “Verify Credentials” button.Fill out the online form.Creating your profileUpload a picture
Create your wallUpload your business’ credentials and information needed apply for licenses, certifications, etc.
Use the Redaction Tool to ensure sensitive personal information is not published and remains confidential.
Make them visible on your ShareCredentials wall.Let your strategic partners know about ShareCredentials!
Encourage your strategic partners to sign up for ShareCredentials!We here at ShareCredentials are eager to serve your business needs. Signup today!Questions? Email us at
Watch Video : 2 How to Setup a credential Request