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Sign Documents Electronically

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E-signing is no longer in the future, it’s now! For your business to grow at today’s high speed, you need to use the ShareCredentials Sign Documents module for signing contracts, agreements, purchase orders, even employment agreements. ShareCredentials Master Data Management allows you a quick, easy way to E-Sign your ShareCredentials documents with citizens and businesses alike. Signing up with ShareCredentials is so easy, there’s no reason for your strategic partners not to sign up with ShareCredentials just to use the ShareCredentials Sign module.
Seal the deal with prerecorded signatures using either the mobile device app or website portal with prerecorded signatures.This is another great reason to sign up with ShareCredentials today! It’s easy to do.Go to
https://sharecredentials.com/Click on one of the “Credential” buttons either “Citizen Credentials”, “Business Credentials” or “Verify Credentials.”Fill out the online form.Creating your profileUpload a pictureCreate your wallUpload your credentials and information needed.Use the Redaction Tool to ensure sensitive personal information is not published and remains confidential.Make them visible on your ShareCredentials wall.We here at ShareCredentials are eager to serve your business needs. Signup today!Questions? Email us at info@sharecredentials.com