Don’t ever, and we mean ever, go paperless

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Don’t ever, and we mean ever, go paperless

If you ever thought of joining the trend and going paperless in your office, think again. There is nothing wrong with that antique metal cabinet where you keep all your files. It’s true, you have a metal cabinet in every office in your building and some colleagues have three or more of them. It’s ok to lose a document now and then – just a good opportunity to remind yourself we are all flawed human beings. Plus, aunt Gemina approves of the décor, she claims it’s vintage.

You just had lunch with one of your trusted business partners who owns a cutting edge company and he caused your head to spin: “Save the planet, Mitch, go paperless, what you’ve got to lose? Think of the trees!” But you think of the people who cut the trees down, maybe they are too old to retrain for another job. You decide to save the loggers’ jobs instead. So, you are willing to pay extra, lots and lots of extra money for the energy used for the printers, copiers, fax machines, paper shredders, pay for the not so cheap ink cartridges and what else? Well, who cares, it’s just paper after all, right? Good for you, Mitch!

However, you think twice when it comes to natural disasters. You do see the point of having all of your important documents, personal and for business purposes, saved and secured somewhere, if possible. Paper burns, is destroyed by water, gets damaged during an earthquake. What should you do, Mitch? You cannot drag all the metal cabinets in the building down the stairs if there is the need to evacuate immediately. Did you make copies of every piece of paper and kept them at a different location. I am sure it’s super cheap to do it and updated it constantly.

Yes, you were not able to reach your office on time the other day because of a traffic jam and the contract that needed to be signed, printed, and faxed was resting clueless on the passenger seat. Maybe if you would have gone paperless, that same contract, electronically signed and securely stored in a document exchange network, would have already been transferred, proving to your clients what a trusted professional you are. But you brush that thought aside, thinking it sounds so complicated to even think of going paperless. Ok, you may have lost this business opportunity, but there are so many others available. It’s not like good reputation follows you everywhere you go, Mitch, let’s be serious.

Plus, paper is tangible, you can hold it, move it around, doodle on it when you get bored in one of your business meetings. You cannot bring a doodle pad at work. You don’t know where the online files go. Are they stored securely? How? Don’t computers catch on fire too? It must be expensive, right? Maybe it’s even more expensive than the tons of papers you buy every year which is the equivalent of going on a tour around the world twice. You don’t want to go around the world anyway, so why even bother going paperless. Don’t ever go paperless. Everybody loves papers, piles and piles of papers. Right, Mitch?