ShareCredentials and BlockChain

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Blockchain and Sharecredentials


The Document Exchange Network from ShareCredentials now harnesses the power of Blockchain which would revolutionize the way we look at a document exchange and signature.

Incredible as it sounds in this digital age, for many industries print and postage is still the only way to get legally critical documents moved around.  Besides, the ease with which digital communications can be edited means that in many industries, original print copies are still required by post for security reasons.

Print and reprinting not only makes us irresponsible towards the environment but every non-shredded paper poses a tremendous security threat for any organization when a smartphone can take crystal clear pictures very fast.

ShareCredentials have perfected the way digital documents can be exchanged, signed and delivered with 100% accuracy and security. Its platform provides completely secure and verifiable digital document exchange on the basis of the latest ITU standards combined with Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Blockchain is a shared digital ledger, which ensures that every transaction is publicly logged and verified and non-alterable.

ShareCredentials harness this very power of Blockchain to provide complete verifiability of every final document produced on its platform.


Benefits of verifying documents through blockchain

Using Blockchain to verify documents promises the following benefits:

Traceability – every change on the document is logged and can be traced

Security – information is protected against manipulation

Efficiency – use of secure digital documents saves time for every business involved.

The blockchain never includes the document itself. It merely provides hash values, or checksums, generated against the document that proves it has not been tampered with.




Transmission begins as soon as the receiving system confirms it is capable of receiving the document. Groupware is used to show all relevant information when a document was transmitted ShareCredentials. Notification logs confirmation of successful delivery and then retains a log of the document to ensure it has not changed.

From a legal point of view, Sharecredentials offers unambiguous proof that documents have been sent and received and not tampered with.

This technology also simplifies the archiving process for Birth Record, Death Records, Property deeds and Educational testimonials that require verifiability time and again during the lifetime of the holder of the document or its natural inheritors.


ShareCredentials uses Ethereum as its primary infrastructure for Blockchain, combined with state of the art imaging, vision, OCR, and transformation, and Hashing technologies.

ShareCredentials is Blockchain ready and for more information, you reach us at